Standing Extra Credit Assignments


In the spring, the Classical Association of Connecticut hosts Latin Day, and Coginchaug attends regularly. At Latin Day you'll participate in  academic and athletic competitions, attend workshops on various aspects of ancient culture, and enjoy plenty of great food. There is also the opportunity to display art projects in a number of categories. The only catch is that each school is allowed only one entry per category.

So, if you'd like to create a project for us to take to Latin Day, we're offering an extra credit incentive. Pick a category from the list below. Let the Muses inspire you. Turn your work  in before Latin Day. The project will be graded using the same criteria that the Latin Day judges use. And if it's up to their standards, we'll bring it to Latin Day and enter it in the competition.

Limit: Once entry per year
Value: 1 quiz grade
You don't need to attend Latin Day to take advantage of this offer.

Extra Credit is also available to students attending Latin Day who participate in the Costume and/or Certamen events. See Magister M for details.
Art Media  
  Computer Generated
  Mixed Media



Board Games  
Promotional Posters  
Recreated Artifacts  
Military Standards  


If you need an extra quiz in your average, here's an opportunity to explore how Latin influenced English vocabulary. At this link are all the words with Latin or ancient Greek roots from this school year's Word-A-Day calendar. Pick 21 of these words and follow the links to Learn about the etymology (i.e., word origin) of these words and complete this worksheet. NB: It's a 2-page worksheet; also it's in MS Word. Type everything into the document.

: One entry per year
Value: 1 quiz grade


Article Summary
In the back of the clasroom is a collection of magazines with classics-themed articles: Archaeology, National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc.  Sign one out, read the article and use this form to summarize it. Your summary must be typed.

: One entry per semester
Rubric: Your summary will be assessed with this rubric.
Value: 1 quiz grade