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Certamen is an academic question & answer competition, similar to Quiz Bowl or Jeopardy.
The National Junior Classical League offers a full range of resources, FAQs, and history
at their website.



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Language Myth History & Culture Literature Derivatives

Allen & Greenough

Dictionary of Classical Mythology The Private Lives of Romans Latin Literature

Levis & Brevis

Classical Mythology

A History of the Roman World A History of Latin Literature


Novice Level Vocab List

Bullfinch's Mythology The Roman Way Figure of Speech List  

Intermediate Level Vocab List

    Silva Rhetoricae  





















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Below is the list of figures of speech/rhetorical devices required for the AP Latin exam.
allegory alliteration anaphora aposiopesis apostrophe
asyndeton chiasmus ecphrasis ellipsis enjambment
hendiadys hyperbaton hyperbole hysteron proteron irony
litotes metaphor metonymy onomatopoeia oxymoron
personification pleonasm polyptoton polysyndeton praeteritio
prolepsis prosopopoeia simile synchesis synecdoche
tmesis transferred epithet tricolon crescens zeugma