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LXX: May: Mother Goose Rhymes

I Contrarissima Maria Mary, Mary Quite Contrary
II Puerulus Caeruleus Little Boy Blue
III Demulce-Libum, Demulce-Libum Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake
IV Carmen Assium Sex Canta Sing A Song of Sixpence
V Vetus Rex Nomine Kwl Old King Cole
VI Tres Mures Caeci Three Blind Mice
VII Unus, Duo, Calceum Meun Necte One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
VIII Infantem In Cunabulis In Cacumine Agita Rockabye Baby On The Treetop
IX Erat Anus Quae In calceo Habitavit There Was An Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
X Haec Est Domus Quam Iohannes Aedificavit This IS The House That Jack Built

LXIX: April: Joke Shop Items

I Flos Emicans Squirting Flower
II Sapo Ater Black Soap
III Fallax Vomitus Fake Vomit
IV Pulvinus Peditum Whoopee Cushion
V Missile Fumifer Smoke Bomb
VI Pulvis Pruriendo Itching Powder
VII Stercus Canis Fallax Fake Dog Poop
VIII Anguines In Vasculo Stanni Snakes In A Can
IX Musca In Cubo Glaciei Fly In An Ice Cube
X Perspicilla Cum Eklelctromagneticis Radiis X-Ray Specs

LXVIII: March: Nominees From The LXXXVth Academy Awards

I Dominus The Master
II Argw Argo
III Volatus Flight
IV Vita P Life of Pi
V Animalia Incultorum Australium Beast of the Southern WIlds
VI Nihil Tenebrae Triginta Zero Dark Thirty
VII Custodes Portarum The Gatekeepers
VIII Quomodo Pesti Supervivas How To Survive a Plague
IX Petens Virum Sacchari Looking For Sugar Man
X Obductiones Argentes in Libro Ludendo Silver Linings Playbook

LXVII: February: Top News Stories From 2012

I Civitates Consociatae Iterum Obamam Praesidentem Eligunt The US Re-elects Obama as President
II Tempestas Maxima Nomine Harenosa Litus Orientale Ferit Superstorm Sandy Strikes the East Coast
III Legatus Civitatium Consociatarum in Libya Occisus Est US Ambassador Killed in Libya
IV Seditio Surgit Contra Administrationem Syriae Rebellion Rises Against Syrian Government
V Caput Procurationis Mediae Speculatoriae Se Abdicat Ad Officio CIA Head Resigns from Office
VI Londinium Tricesimam Olympiadem Praebit Londons Hosts 30th Olympiad
VII Leges de Continentia Sclopetorum Dissertae Post Complures Miserrimas Caedes Gun Control Laws Debated After Numerous Very Tragic Deaths
VIII Iuvenis Nomine Trayvon Martin Occisus Est in Florida Trayvon Martin Killed in Florida
IX Matrimonium Pro Coniugibus Generis Eiusdem in Tribus Civitatibus Scitum Est Same-Sex Marriage Approved in Three States
X Submergendum Navis Ingens Celebratum Est Post Centum Annos The Sinking of the Titanic Commemorated After 100 Years
XI Finis Fastorum Mayanensium, Sed Non Mundi, Advenit The End of the Mayan Calendar, But Not of the World, Arrives
XII Me Voca Forsitan, Habitus Gangnam, et Mel Bu Bu in favore Populi Evagantur Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style, and Honey Boo Boo Go Viral

LXVI: December: Facts About Boxing Day

I Dies Includendo celebratur quotannis VII Kal. Ian. Boxing Day is celebrated annually on December 26.
II In Hibernia, Dies Includendo appellatur Dies Sancti Stephani. In Ireland, Boxing Day is called St. Stephen's Day.
III In Africa Meridionale, Dies Includendo appellatur Dies Benevolentiae. In South Africa, Boxing Day is called The Day of Goodwill.
IV In Australia, Die Includendo certamen ludi nomine gryllus habitum est. In Australia on Boxing Day a test cricket match is held.
V In Scotia, Die Includendo cetramina harpasti habita sunt. In Scotland on Boxing Day rugby games are held.
VI In Regno Consociato, Dies Includendo est dies pro emptione similis Atro Diei Veneris In the US, Boxing Day is a day for shopping like Black Friday.
VII Die Includendo conductores dona conductis dant. On Boxing Day employers give gifts to employees.
VIII Initio, Die Includendo servi familias suas visitaverunt. Originally servants visited their families on Boxing Day.
IX In Regno Consociato Dies Includendo celebratus est usque ab AUC MMDCXXIV Boxing Day has been celebrated in the UK since 1871.
X Britanni divites vulpes agitant Die Includendo Wealthy Britons hunt foxes on Boxing Day.

LXV: November: Movies In My Netflix Queue

I Custos The Guard (also accepted: The Guardian)
II Terra Altera Another Earth
III Progenies The Descendants (also accepted: The Progeny; The Brood; The Offspring)
IV Soror Sororis Tuae Your Sister's Sister
V Vit Tuum Sum I'm Your Man
VI Interpellatores The Interrupters
VII Tactus Mali Touch of Evil
VIII Cutis In Qua Habito The Skin I Live In
IX Pila Pecuniae Moneyball
X Faber, Vestitor, Miles, Speculator Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

LXIV: October: Presidential Campaign Slogans

I Pax Et Res Secundae Peace and Prosperity (1956, Eisenhower)
II Equos Noli Mutare In Medium Flumen Don't Trade/Swap Horses In Midstream (1864, Lincoln; 1944, FDR)
III Prohibuit Mos Ab Bello He Kept Us Out Of War (1916, Wilson)
IV Dies Laeti Adsunt Iterum Happy Days Are Here Again (1932, FDR)
V Mane In America Morning In America (1984, Reagan)
VI In Corde Scis Eum Esse Rectum In Your Heart You Know He's Right (1964, Goldwater)
VII Restitue American Nunc Restore America Now (Ron Paul)
VIII Mane Frigidus Cum _____ Keep Cool With Coolidge (1924, Coolidge)
IX Gallina In Quaque Olla A Chicken In Every Pot (1928, Hoover)
X Spes Et Res Nova Hope and Change (2008, Obama)

LXIII: September: Books I Read This Summer

I a Alpha - Greg Rucka
II Emendationes The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
III Exsilii The Deportees - Roddy Doyle
IV Miracula Septem The Seven Wonders - Steven Saylor
V Iens Longe Going Long - The Editors Of Runner's World
VI Innocentes Peregrinantes The Innocents Abroad - Mark Twain
VII Carmen Pelidae The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller
VIII Tantummodo Liberi Just Kids - Patti Smith
IX Obscurus Plene, Stellae Nullae Full Dark, No Stars - Stephen King
X Cum Feminae Eveniant Ut Saltent When The Women Come Out To Dance - Elmore Leonard