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LXII: May: iTunes Apps

I Verba Cum Amicis Words With Friends
II Aves Irati Angry Birds
III Demitte Septem Drop 7
IV Librum Facierum Facebook
V Aliquid Scribe Draw Something
VI Dominum Calce Feri Kick the Boss
VII Gemmatus Bejewelled
VIII Herba et Mortui Ambulantes Plants vs Zombies
IX Pandora Pandors
X Minurri Twitter

LXI: April: Musicals Put On By Newington HS

I Vale, Avis, Vale Bye Bye Birdie
II Aliquid It Anything Goes
III Viri Pupaeque Guys & Dolls
IV Via Quadragensima Secunda 42nd Street
V Fabula de Latere Occidentale West Side Story
VI Urbs Angelorum City of Angels
VII Domina Mea Pulchra My Fair Lady
VIII Olim in Culcita Once Upon a Mattress
IX Aspergo Pro Crinibus Hairspray
X Axungia Grease

LX: March: HBO Series

I Fabulae e Crypta Tales From The Crypt
II Amor Magnus Big Love
III Sanguis Verus True Blood
IV Felicitas Luck
V Manus Fratrum Band of Brothers
VI Lignum Mortuum Deadwood
VII Frena Studium Tuum Curb Your Enthusiasm
VIII Filum The Wire
IX Ludus Soliorum Game of Thrones
X Angulus The Corner

LIX: February: New Headlines From 2011

I Nepos Reginae Britaniae Nuptam in Matrimonium Ducit The Queen of England's Grandson Gets Married
II Opera, Conditor Mali, Perit Apple Founder Jobs Dies
III "Posside" Motus Extendit Trans Nationem "Occupy" Movement Stretches Across the Nation
IV Tremores Terrae et Unda Maxima XX in Iaponia Occidunt Earthquake and Tsunami Kill 20,000 in Japan
V Ver Arabicum Mutationem Fert Aegypto, Syriae, Libyae, Tunisiae,etc. Arab Spring Brings Change to Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, etc.
VI Perturbatio Pecuniaria Unionem Europaeam Quatit Economic Disruption Shakes European Union
VII Civitates Foederatae Anniversarium Decimum Cladis Die Undecimo Septembre AUC MMDCCLIV Celebrant United States Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Sept 11, 2001 Disaster
VIII Vir Insanus Magistratum Arizonae Vulnerat Crazy Person Wounds Arizona Congresswoman
IX Ningor Octobris DCCC in Civitate Potestate Electrica Privat October Snow Deprives 800,000 in State of Electrical Power
X Magistratus E Nova Eburaca Transmittit Picturas Foedas, Deinde Se Ex Officio Adbicat NY Congressman Sends Dirty Pictures, Then Resigns From Office

LVIII: December/January: Animated Christmas TV Specials

I Angelus Minimus The Littlest Angel
II Parvus Puer Tympanotriba The Little Drummer Boy
III Annus Sine Sancto Nicolao The Year Without a Santa Claus
IV Lupus Praeclarus, Tarandrus Naso Rubro Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
V Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Natalem Christi Abrogaverit How the Grinch Stole Christmas
VI Natalis Christi Caroli Fulvi A Charlie Brown Christmas
VII Sanctus Nicolaus ad Oppidum Venit Santa Claus is Coming To Town
VIII Vir Niveus Nomine Pruinosus Frosty the Snowman
IX Gryllus in Foco Cricket on the Hearth
X Nox Prae Natalem Christi 'rat 'Twas the Night Before Christmas

LVII: November: Things To Do During a Prolonged Power Outage

I Meridia! Nap!
II Foras cenam coque. Cook dinner outdoors
III Scinde et cumula ramos Cut and stack branches
IV Maledice AT&T, WMECO et CPL Curse AT&T, WMECO and CPL
V Curre, vitans ramos funesque electricos Run, avoiding the branches and power lines
VI Purga machinam cibo frigendo Clean the fridge
VII Felibus in gremio sedentibus lege libros With the cats sitting on my lap, read books
VIII Luce lucernarum lude lusoribus Play board games by candlelight
IX In Horrea et Nobilis telephonium resuscita Recharge my phone at Barnes & Noble
X Se gere Stoice in omnibus incomodis Behave stoically in all misfortunes

LVI: October: Rocky Balboa Quotes

I Absolute. Absolutely
II Me scinde, Michael. Cut me, Mick.
III Tam malus non es. You're not so bad (to Clubber Lang in RIII)
IV Quod cantare vel saltare non possum. Because I can't sing or dance. (To Adrian in RI when asked why he boxes)
V Tibi Dies gratiandae est; mihi est dies Iovis. To you it's Thanksgiving; to me, it's Thursday.
VI Nihil terminatur donec terminatur. Nothing is over til it's over.
VII Nihil verum est nisi credis cui sis. Nothing is real if you don't believe in who you are.
VIII Illa lacunas habet; habeo lacunas; una lacunas complemus. She has gaps; I have gaps; together, we fill gaps. (explaining why he loves Adrian)
IX Conaris magis cum territus sis. You try harder when you're scared.
X Non est quam vehementer ferire possis sed quam vehementer possis feriri et pergere progredi. It's not about how hard you can hit but about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.


LV: September: Movies I Saw This Summer

I Vince Vince Win Win
II Pugnator The Fighter
III Haec Est Britannia This is Britain
IV Inceptores Beginners
V Cliens IX Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer
VI Vir Ferreus II Iron Man II
VII Bubulci et Peregrini Cowboys and Aliens
VIII Colligatio Communis The Social Network
IX Feles In Tecto Calido Stanneo Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
X Viri Aetatis Cuiusdam, Tempora I-II Men of a Certain Age, Seasons 1-2