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LIV: May: Top X Sydney Lumet Films

I Duodecim Viri Irati Twelve Angry Men
II Collis The Hill
III Equus Equus
IV Postmeridianum Diei Canini Dog Day Afternoon
V Femina Talis That Kind of Woman
VI Princeps Urbis Prince of the City
VII Res Mortifer The Deadly Affair
VIII Inter Nos Peregrinus A Stranger Among Us
IX Dic Mihi Modo Quid Cupiat Just Tell Me What You Want
X Prisuquam Diabolus Scit Te Mortuum Esse Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

LIII: April: Top X Cleaning Products

I Cometes Comet
II Pignus Pledge
III Magister Purus Mr. Clean
IV Mirifikus Fantastik
V Cloaca-O Drano
VI Bullae Detergentes Scrubbing Bubbles
VII Deterge Et Arde Mop & Glo
VIII Modus Method
IX Detersio Mollis Soft Scrub
X Aetas Septima Seventh Generation

LII: March: Top X Films Nominated For an Academy Award, 2011

I Cygnus Ater Black Swan
II Oppidum The Town
III Liberi Sunt Salvi The Kids Are Alright
IV Oratio Regis The King's Speech
V Harena Vera True Grit
VI Fabula Crepundiorum III Toy Story III
VII Ossa Hiemis Winter's Bone
VIII Abite Per Tabernam Donis Exit Through the Gift Shop
IX Dens Canis Dogtooth
X Latibulum Leporis Rabbit Hole

LI: February: Top X Songs With "Love" In The Title

Transl. Artist
I Semper Te Amabo I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston
II Ubi Vir Feminam Amat When A Man Loves A Woman Percy Sledge
III Vesana In Amore Crazy in Love Beyonce
IV Puto Me Te Amare I Think I Love You The Partridge Family
V Optimus Amoris Mei The Best of My Love The Eagles
VI Ubi Iit Amorem Nostrum Where Did Our Love Go? The Supremes
VII Linea Tenuis Inter Amorem Odiumque Thin Line Between Love & Hate The Pretenders
VIII Das Nomen Malum Amori You Give Love A Bad Name Bon Jovi
IX Pro Amore Aliquid Agam (Sed Illud Non Agam) I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Meatlove
X Fieri Non Possum Quin In Amorem Tui Incidam I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Elvis Presley

L: January: Top X New Stories of 2010

I XXXIII Fossores Chilienses Servati 33 Chilean Miners Rescued
II Eyjafjallajokull Cinerem Per Europam Vomit Eyjafjallajokull Spews Ash Throughout Europe
III Maximus Motus Terrae Haitiam Quatit Huge Earthquake Shakes Haiti
IV Finiens Aqua Alta Vehementer Rumpit Deep Water Horizon Violently Explodes
V Praesidens Poloniae in Ruina Aeroplani Periit Polish President Dies in Plane Crash
VI MDCC In Diluvio Gedrosiano Periit 1700 Die In Pakistani Floods
VII Factio Theosa US Comitiis Suadet Tea Party Affects US Elections
VIII Corpora Viatorum Examinata A TSA Travellers' Bodies Searched By TSA
IX "Melius Fiet" Expeditio Mortem Iuvenis Sequitur "It Gets Better" Campaign Follows Death of Young Man
X Obama XXX Mille Ceteros Milites Ad Afghanistam Mittit Obama Sends 30,000 More Troops to Afghanistan

XLIX: November-December: Top X Simpsons Halloween Episodes

I Corvus The Raven
II Pes Simii The Monkey's Paw
III Nox Delphini Night of the Dolphin
IV Musca vs. Musca Fly vs. Fly
V Tempus Poenaque Time & Punishment
VI Esurientes Sunt Damnati Hungry Are The Damned
VII Si Modo Cerebrum Habuissem If I Only Had A Brain
VIII Salus Pinguissimi Survival of the Fattest
IX Dies Cum Tellus Stultus Videretur The Day The Earth Looked Stupid
X Quattuor Decollationes Et Funus Unus Four Beheadings and a Funeral

XLVIII: October: Top X Ben Franklin Aphorisms

I As conservatus est as meritus. A penny saved is a penny earned.
II Probitas est ratio optima. Honesty is the best policy.
III Tempus est pecunia. Time is money.
IV Celeritas magna magnam iacturam producit. Great haste makes great waste.
V Numquam erat aut bellum bonum aut pacem malam. There never was a good war or a bad peace.
VI Deus eos qui se adiuvent adiuvat. God helps those who help help themselves.
VII Nihil certum est praeter mortem et vectigalia. Nothing is certain except death and taxes.
VIII Noli errores metuere; offensionem sci─ôs. Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure.
IX Vel legendum scribas vel scribendum agas. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
X Hospites, similes piscibus, post tres dies, putere coeperunt. Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.

XLVII: September: Top X Netflix Movies I Watched This Summer

I Via The Road
II Luna Moon
III Fames Hunger
IV Cor Demens Crazy Heart
V Dies Gibbi Humpday
VI Ubi Sunt Feroces Where The Wild Things Are
VII Viri Vesani, Tempus Primus Mad Men, Season One
VIII In Sinu In The Loop
IX (Musicus) Fiat Magnus It Might Get Loud
X Vita In Rosacea La Vie En Rose