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XLVI: May: Kraft Products

I Sol Caprearum Capri Sun
II Ancilla Melita Honey Maid
III Flagellata Frigida Cool Whip
IV Tenua Triticea Wheat Thins
V Salvete, Assulae Chips Ahoy!
VI Caseus Increpans Cheez Whiz
VII FrangeLapides Breakstones
VIII Avia Grand Mere
IX Satores Planters
X Foci Summus StoveTop

XLV: April: TV Ad Campaign Slogans

Transl. Company
I Pecuniam Conserva; Vive Melius Save Money; Live Better Wal-Mart
II Hic Incipe Start Here ABC
III Familia Es Cum Adsit When You're Here, You're Family Olive Garden
IV Poestas Deprehendo The Power To Surprise Kia
V Cenam Paremus Let's Fix Dinner Stouffer's
VI Currus Optimus Vincat May The Best Car Win Buick
VII Aliquid Aedificemus Una Let's Buuild Something Together Lowe's
VIII Absolutionem Persequens Pursuing Perfection Lexus
IX Ubique Fisus Trusted Everywhere Duracell
X Videndum Est Tibi Ut Id Videres You Have To See It To See It Sharp

XLIV: March: Avengers

I Vespa The Wasp
II Gladiator The Swordsman
III Vir Ferreus Iron Man
IV Oculus Accipitris Hawkeye
V Striga Coccina The Scarlet Witch
VI Aranea Humana Spider-Man
VII Formica Humana Ant Man
VIII Pugnus Ferreus Iron Fist
IX Panthera Atra The Black Panther
X Latrodectus Hesperus The Black Widow

XLIII: February: Denzel Washington Movies

I Obsidio The Siege
II Lapsus Fallen
III Ex Tempore Out of Time
IV Ludum Habet He Got Game
V Dies Instituendo Training Day
VI Fabula Militis A Soldier's Story
VII Reginae Patriaeque For Queen and Country
VIII Vir Ardens Man on Fire
IX Meliores Pluresque Maestitudines Mo' Better Blues
X Tumultus Magnus De Nihil Much Ado About Nothing

XLII: December-January: Businesses on the Newington Turnpike (Redux)

I Amicus, -a, -um Friendly's
II Somniculosus Sleepy's
III Planeta Habilitatis Planet Fitness
IV Rex Bubularum Concisarum Burger King
V Agelli Magni Big Lots
VI Taberna Flagitiosa The Outrageous Store
VII Zona Solis Merces Sun Belt Rentals
VIII Secura Aedificula Carefree Small Buildings
IX Mora Pro Ludis Game Stop
X Deversorium Vehicularium Pro Breve Somno Siesta Motel

XLI: October-November: Texting Abbreviations

Abbrev. Transl.
I Tam Ridens Ut Caput Meum Decidat LMHO Laughing My Head Off
II Mox Redibo BRB Be Right Back
III Nimium Nunitos Recludens TMI Too Much Information
IV Via BTW By The Way
V Dis Immortales! OMG Oh My God
VI Cor Meum Sanguinem Effundit Tibi MHBFY My Heart Bleeds For You
VII Noli Cedere Ex Opere Tuo Diurno DQYDJ Don't Quit Your Day Job
VIII In Pavimento Volvens Ridens Magna Voce ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud
IX Supra Humeros Parentes Videntes PLOS Parents Looking Over Shoulder
X Te In Ludo Videbo CUNS See You In School

XL: September: Songs From Rolling Stone's Top 100 Songs

I Tremores Boni Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
II Puella Mea My Girl - The Temptations
III Lacrimans Crying - Roy Orbison
IV Similis Saxo Volvens Like A Rolling Stone -Bob Dylan
V Via Tonitrus Thunder Road -Bruce Springsteen
VI Quisque Spiritus Quem Ducis Every Breath You Take - The Police
VII Id Per Vitem Audivi I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
VIII Id Quod Vis Non Semper Potes Capere You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones
IX Id Quod Peto Non Adhuc Invenisti I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
X Sit Let It Be - The Beatles


XXXIX: September: NPR Programs

I Res Omnes Consideratae All Things Considered
II Aura Recens Fresh Air
III Forum Marketplace
IV Mane, Mane Noli Mihi Dicere Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me
V Haec Vita Americanensis This American Life
VI Dicis Says You
VII Socius Domui in Campo A Prairie Home Companion
VIII Ad Mucronem To the Point (also acceptable: On Point)
IX Mundus et Caelum Earth and Sky
X Sermones de Autocurribus Car Talk