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XXIII. April/May: Top X Soap Operas

I Audaces Pulchraeque The Bold and the Beatiful
II Cupiditates Passions
III Dies Vitarum Nostrarum Days of Our Lives
IV Iuvenes Inquietique The Young and the Restless
V Liberi Mei Omnes All My Children
VI Lux Ducendo Guidning Light
VII Mundo Volvente As the World Turns
VIII Mundus Alter Another World
IX Valetudinarium Commune General Hospital
X Vita Una Vivenda One Life to Live

XXII. March: Top X Classic Rock Lyrics

I Atque gradūs ad caelum emit. Plumbea Nāvis Aetheris And she's buying a stairway to heaven. Led Zepelin
II Quidquam prō amōre, sed nōn illud, agam. Panis Carnis I would do anything for love, but I won't do that Meat Loaf
III Unīca Optiōnis Piperis Symphonia Prō Cordibus Sōlīs sumus. Scarabaeī We're Sgt. Pepper's one and only Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles
IV Amīcus diabolī est mihi amīcus. Mortuī Grātī A friend of the devil is a friend of mine Grateful Dead
V Iānuam rubram videō et ātram pingere volō. Saxa Volvēns I see a red door and I want to paint it black Rolling Stones
VI Modo puer pauper ē gente paupere est. Rēgīna He's just a poor boy from a poor family. Queen
VII Modo puella ex oppidō parvō, vīvēns in mundō solō est. Iter Just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world Journey
VIII Nōnne eam ambulantem ex iānuā amās? Iānuae Don';t you love her as she's walking out the door? The Doors
IX Morābar tam diū ut essem quō ambulārem. Flōs Lactis I've been waiting so long to be where I'm going Cream
X Quam frīgida tam glaciēs es; amōrem nostram mactāre vīs. Peregrīnus You're as cold as ice; you're willing to sacrifice our love. Foreigner

XXI. February: Top X West Side Streets (Part II)

I Via Sagae Witch Path
II Xystum Loti Lotus Ave.
III Xystum Rubetorum Bramble Ave.
IV Iter Iugi Malorum Apple Ridge Road
V Via Brachii Fortis Armstrong St.
VI Xystum Fontis Gelidi Cold Spring Ave.
VII Iter Cervis Currendis Deer Run Rd.
VIII Semita Prati Viridis Green Meadow Lane
IX Via  Putei Optando Wishing Well Way
X Semita Collis Malorum Armeniacorum Apricot Hill Lane

XX. January: Top X Broadway Shows

I Adeps Grease
II Vela Curtains
III Pensio Rent
IV Nefaria Wicked
V Bella Beluaque Beauty & the Beast
VI Terminus Itineris Journey's End
VII CX in Umbra 110 in the Shade
VIII Agmen Symphoniacorum A Chorus Line
IX Ventum Excipe Inherit the Wind
X Ver Expergiscitur Spring Awakening

XIX. November/December: Top X Spike Lee Movies

I Illa Me Odit She Hate Me
II Puella VI Girl 6
III Quattuor Puellulae Four Little Girls
IV Melancholiae Multo Melius Mo' Better Blues
V Rectum Fac Do The Right Thing
VI Utrum Pluat An Luceat Come Rain or Come Shine
VII Reges Pristini Comoediae The Original Kings of Comedy
VIII Id Est Habendum Ei She's Gotta Have It
IX Vir Interior Inside Man
X Febris Silvestris Jungle Fever

XVIII. October: Top X Local High School Mascots

I Acciptres Aurei Golden Hawks Hopkins Academy
II Aquilae Aureae Golden Eagles Central
III Arietes Rams Southwick
IV Aureoli Orioles Belchertown
V Daemones Caerulei Blue Devils Northampton
VI Equites Purpurei Purple Knights Holyoke
VII Falcones Falcons Minnechaug
VIII Fulvi Brownies Agawam
IX Gradientes Pacers Chciopee
X Hastati Lancers Longmeadow
XI Lacedaemonii Spartans East Longmeadow
XII Latrones Rubri Red Raiders Commerce
XIII Leones Lions Ludlow
XIV Panterae Pathers Cathedral/Palmer
XV Unda Viridis Green Wave Greenfield

XVII. September: Top X Cool Things About the Big E

I Statua Butyri The Butter Scuplture
II Bestiae Fovendae The Petting Zoo
III Declive Maximum The Big Slide
IV Quattuor H Exhibitio Equorum Four H Horse Show
V Aedificia Civitatum The State Buildings
VI Aedificium Vivendo Melius The BLC (Better Living Center)
VII Pompa Cotidiana (ad Pinguem Diem Martis celebrandum) The daily Mardi Gras parade
VIII Nuptiarum Spectaculum Marriage on the Midway
IX Pulli Ex Ovibus Excludentes Chicks Hatching from Eggs
X Crusta Farcta Lore Lactis Cream Puffs!!!!!!!!