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VIII. May: Top X Bruce Springsteen Songs

I Cāsus In Viā LVII Incident on 57th Street The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle
II Conventus Trāns Flumen Meeting Across The River Born To Run
III Falsus Lūmine Blinded By The Light Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ
IV Fortior Cēterīs Tougher Than The Rest Tunnel of Love
V Fulmen Āridum Dry Lightning The Ghost of Tom Joad
VI In Ignem Into the Fire The Rising
VII Pectora Duo Two Hearts The River
VIII Ratiō Ad Crēdendum Reason To Believe The River
IX Saltantēs In Tenebrīs Dancing in the Dark Born In The USA
X Sī Recidam If I Should Fall Behind Lucky Town
XI Tenebrae In Aciē Oppidī Darkness on the Edge of Town Darkness on the Edge of Town
XII Velim Caecus Sim I Wish I Were Blind Human Touch

VII. April: Top X '80s Songs

I Me Nunc Tene - Gemini Filii Thomae Hold Me Now - Thomspon Twins
II In Patria Magna - Patria Magna In A Big County - Big Country
III Saltatio Incolumitas - Viri Sine Petasis Safety Dance - Men Without Hats
IV Ululatus Seditiosus - Guillemus Simulacrum Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
V Ambula Velut Aegyptius - Armillae Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
VI Quis Nunc Sit? - Viri Ad Laborandum Who Can It Be Now? - Men At Work
VII Aliqui Id Calidum Amat - Potestatis Statio Some Like It Hot - Power Station
VIII Labia Nostra Clausa Sunt - I-I's Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go-Go's
IX Verone Mihi Nocere Vis? - Sodalitas Culturae Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club
X Me Verrsa Vere Circum - Mortuus Aut Vivus Spin Me Right Round - Dead Or Alive

VI. February: Top X Candy Bars

I Risus Snickers
II Tumuli Mounds
III Via Lactea Milky Way
IV Via Quinta 5th Avenue
V Gaudium Amygdalosum Almond Joy
VI Quid Id Vocas? Whatchmacallit
VII Effugium Celere Fast Break
VIII Digitus Butyri Butterfinger
IX Dies Solvendo Payday
X Paulum Mellis Bit-O-Honey

V. January: Top X James Bond Films

I Vive Periatque Live and Let Die
II Explorator Qui Me Amavit The Spy Who Loved Me
III Adamantes Aeterni Sunt Diamonds Are Forever
IV Modo Bis Vivis You Only Live Twice
V Modo Pro Oculis Suis For Your Eyes Only
VI Prospectus Homicidiae A View To A Kill
VII Luces Viventes The Living Daylights
VIII Numquam Dies Crastinus Moritur Tomorrow Never Dies
IX Mundus Non Satis Est The World Is Not Enough
X Mori Diei Altero Die Another Day

IV. December: Top X Commercial Slogans

I Habesne Lac? Got Milk? - America's Dairy Farmers and Milk Processors
II Id Amo I'm Lovin' It - McDonald's
III Cogita Extra Panem Think Outside The Bun - Taco Bell
IV Quid In Sacculo Tuo Est? What's In Your Wallet? - Capital One
V Omne Est Interius It's All Inside - JC Penney
VI Mene Audire Nunc Potes? Can You Hear Me Now? - Verizon
VII Alas Tibi Dat It Give You Wings - Red Bull
VIII Id Facere Potes; Possumus Te Adiuvare You Can Do It; We Can Help - Home Depot
IX Aurigae Petitae Drivers Wanted - Volkswagen
X Ubique Quo Esse Vis Sumus We're Everywhere You Want To Be - Visa

III. November: Top X New Releases on DVD

I Servatus! Saved!
II Invidia Envy
III Dies Post Diem Crastinum The Day After Tomorrow
IV Ante Solis Occasum Before Sunset
V Sol Aeternus Immaculatae Mentis Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
VI Anulorum Dominus: Reditus Regis Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
VII Longe Ambulans Walking Tall
VIII Circum Mundum Octoginta Diebus Around the World in 80 Days
IX Domus Mundi Fine A Home at the End of the World
X Auge Amplitudinem Mihi Supersize Me

II. October: Top X Kellogg's Breakfast Cereals

I Opus Undeviginti Product 19
II Sinus Fructus Fruit Loops
III Crispa Oryzae Rice Krispies
IV Sapores Melliti Honey Smacks
V Seges Fructus Fruit Harvest
VI Initium Prudens Smart Start
VII Praecipua Kappa Special K
VIII Triticia Parvula Mini-Wheats
IX Squamae Gelidae Frosted Flakes
X Modo Idoneus Just Right

I. September: Top X Stores at the Holyoke Mall at Ingleside

I Pretium Optimum Best Buy
II Argumentum Callidum Hot Topic
III Pompa Calceorum Parade of Shoes
IV Classis Vetus Old Navy
V Res Recordata Things Remembered
VI Lacuna Pro Infantibus Baby Gap
VII Scopus Target
VIII Ludi Montium Orientalium Eastern Mountain Sports
IX Conice Guess
X Domus Ex Remota Orientale Ad Perforandum Piercing Pagoda